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Mine Name: King's Manassa
Geography: Colorado


King’s Manassa turquoise is mined at Manassa in south central Colorado, but began its mining days with Ancient Pueblo peoples. The Manassa mine is also known as King’s Manassa or the King’s Mine. Another name for the turquoise that comes from this mine is “Lick Skillet” turquoise, this comes from the hard times that the King family, local miners had to suffer while mining the precious stone. The name comes from Israel Perviose King and his descendants.

I.P. King discovered this vein of turquoise while looking for gold. He soon abandoned the mine after seeing that there wasn’t very much gold: only some strange blue rocks that he took back to his home. He didn’t realize that these stones were valuable until a friend asked about them.

Manassa turquoise is known for its blue-green to green color with a golden or brown, non-webbed matrix. The golden matrix comes from the host rock, rhyolite.