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Gary Custer
Randy & Etta Endito
Artist Name: Ronnie Ray Willie
Tribe: Navajo


Ronnie Ray Willie learned silversmithing from his oldest brother, Lonnie, who is also a silversmith. In addition to jewelry, he makes kachinas and does sandpainting, sandcasting, rock sculpture, and woodcarving. Mr. Willie also likes to draw and is happy to report that his youngest son, Dakota, shares his passion for drawing. Mr. Willie often makes his own tools and particularly enjoys working on antique bracelets and concho belts. Mr. Ronnie Willie works as a silversmith five days a week in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has four children. Mr. Willie enjoys creating new designs and practices his art is his free time. Someday, he would like to teach young people how to silversmith and sculpture. It is important to him to keep his culture's traditions alive.