Natural Sleeping Beauty Bead Necklace

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  • Natural Sleeping Beauty Bead NecklaceNatural Sleeping Beauty Bead Necklace


    Price: $2,399.00

    Size: Details Below

    Stone: Natural-Sleeping-Beauty

    Artist: Kathleen-Sanchez

    Natural Sleeping Beauty Bead Necklace
    Feel the gentle weight of this beautiful Natural Sleeping Beauty bead necklace about your neck.  At 29  1/4" long, you can wear this necklace in it's full elegant length, or wrap it about your neck, concentrating the effect of the lovely Natural Sleeping Beauty beads.  The naturally-shaped beads are polished smooth and a brilliant, bright sky blue with the merest touches of sienna matrix - perfect Natural Sleeping Beauty!

    Necklace Length- 29  1/4"
    Bead Size- Assorted
    *One of a Kind!
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